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About MAHSA university Malaysia

MAHSA University is the abbreviation of Malaysia United Health Sciences Research Institute, founded in 2004 by Professor Tan Sri Dr. Hj. Mohamed Haniffa (Mohamed Haniffa) is the Prime Minister and the Executive Chairman of MAHSA Group. Professor Haniffa is a medical clinician. His vision involves the establishment of outstanding academic excellence in the fields of medicine, biological sciences, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences, nursing, business, finance, hotel management, information technology and engineering in Southeast Asia. Entering the second decade of the 21st century, MAHSA University envisions leading research and innovation in its field of expertise, which is driven by the needs and capabilities of IR4.0, as indicated by the results of its past research programs.

Study at MAHSA University Malaysia

MAHSA believes that to do more, their “more” principle will drive their strategies and plans towards education beyond classrooms and textbooks, and towards the development of professional skills, which will enable their graduates Passport through MAHSA will be fully equipped in the next few years, no matter what learning field is pursued, success reflects PRIDE (professional, industry-ready education) and MAHSA master class series. MAHSA University is awarded as an online university by the Ministry of Education. This allows MAHSA to provide borderless education to many people through MAHSA’s participatory learning experience and innovative teaching (ELEVATE). This education brings education beyond the limits of physical expectations and is very suitable for realizing dreams, goals, aspirations-through A series of OPEN&DISTANCE LEARNING plans aimed at redesigning the future of academic learning, a world where opportunities are within reach

MAHSA fees and courses (for International students)

Foundation in Science1 years$US 3,800
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology3 years$US 3,617
Diploma in Paramedical Science3 years$US 3,617
Advanced Diploma in Midwifery1 year$US 7,750
Advanced Diploma in Paediatric Nursing1 year$US 3,750
Diploma in Nursing3 years$US 3,617
Diploma in Dental Technology3 years$US 3,617
Diploma in Pharmacy3 years$US 3,617
Diploma in Environmental Health3 years$US 3,617
Diploma in Medical Imaging (Radiography)3 years$US 3,617
Diploma in Physiotherapy3 years$US 3,617
Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering2.5 years$US 8,800
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering2.5 years$US 8,800
Diploma in Civil Engineering2.5 years$US 8,800
Diploma in Quantity Surveying2.5 years$US 8,800
Diploma in Accounting2 years$US 3,975
Diploma in Business Administration2 years$US 3,975
Diploma in Human Resource Management2.5 years$US 7,750
Diploma in Marketing2.5 years$US 7,750
Diploma in Information Technology2.5 years$US 7,750
Diploma in Hotel Management2.5 years$US 8,800
Diploma in Restaurant Management2.5 years$US 8,800
Diploma in Early Childhood Education2.5 years$US 8,750
Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)2.5 years$US 8,750
Post Basic Certificate in Renal Nursing0.5 year$US 3,150
Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)3 years$US 5,000
Bachelor of Business Administration3 years$US 5,000
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Islamic Finance3 years$US 5,025
Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)3 years$US 5,000
Bachelor of Business Administration – Online3 years$US 3,417
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery(MBBS)5 years$US 21,765
Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences (Hons)4 years$US 6,635
Bachelor of Science Biotechnology (Hons)3 years$US 6,596
Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (Hons) – Online3 years$US 3,913
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Nursing4 years$US 4,672
Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) Public Health3 years$US 5,013
Bachelor of Hospital Management (Hons)3 years$US 5,000
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Nursing – Online3 years$US 3,679
Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (Hons) – Online3 years$US 3,054
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Technology3 years$US 6,484
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)4 years$US 7,169
Master of Medical Science (Anatomy)2 years$US 5,125
Master of Medical Science1.5 years$US 10,250
Master of Science in Public Health2 years$US 10,250
Master of Nursing1.5 years$US 5,125
Master of Science in Public Health – Online2 years$US 7,537
Master of Orofacial Sciences1.5 year$US 29,025
Master in Pharmacy – by Research1 year$US 4,788
Master of Physiotherapy2 years$US 8,750
Master of Business Administration1 year$US 7,750
Master of Business Administration (Hospital Management)1 year$US 7,750
Master of Business Administration (ODL) – Online1 year$US 5,225
Master of Business Administration (Hospital Management) – Online1 year$US 5,225

Frequently Asked Questions About MAHSA


Yes they are Officially recognized by Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia, and it one of the best Medical & Health Universities in Malaysia

UndergraduateBand 5 some programs 5.5 and above
PostgraduateBand 6.0 and above
  • PDF copy for your passport (all pages)
  • white background photo
  • High school certificate 

MAHSA University offers many suitable accommodation options for students, whether within the university’s campus or Off- campus residence near the university.

There are a variety of condo , hostels , and houses near to MAHSA university we usually arrange the accommodation for students who apply with us 

Jln SP 2, Bandar Saujana Putra, 42610 Jenjarom, Selangor

Registration steps at MAHSA University

1# eligibility letter

1- The first page of the passport
2- A white background photo
Via email or WhatsApp,
WhatsApp: +60183259424 email:
complete within: 2 to 4 working days

2# Student visa process

1- All passport pages
2- High School Certificate original copy and translated version in English
3. Visa fee payment receipt
complete within: 20 to 40 working days

3# accommodation

In case you want to book accommodation through us. Send your ticket and we will offer the available rooms to you to choose the type of room you want and we will book the room for you in advance

4# airport pickup

Coordination for reception at Malaysia Airport: All foreign students who come to Malaysia on a student visa, after arriving at Malaysia airport can not get out of the airport, but you must coordinate in advance for your arrival, so that the representative of the University will go to the airport on the day of your arrival and do the necessary administrative procedures for your exit from the airport, and then take you from the airport to your destination

5# arrival

on arrival , students must pay the university fees and make and medical examination

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