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The Malaysian campus is an integral part of the University of Nottingham in the UK, providing students with a real Nottingham experience in an Asian environment. It is part of a global institution that serves the international student community, but is firmly rooted in all the uniqueness of British education-innovative teaching and assessment methods that encourage independent, innovative thinking. The university’s student profile also reflects Nottingham’s status as a global university, with more than 1,400 international students to further enrich the diversity on campus.
Nottingham University Malaysia Campus

Study at Nottingham University Malaysia

The University of Nottingham is proud of its unique international curriculum, which we believe can truly improve the learning experience of students. The Malaysian campus plays a special role in Nottingham’s global perspective. More and more of our students participate in our inter-school exchange program and offer a series of exciting summer school courses, all of which are international; whether through language learning or courses focused on Asian travel, business or culture. The Malaysian campus also plays a leading role in the development, strategy and implementation of international courses, because the international working group is led by Professor Weng Fengxin, the Deputy Provost of Academic Affairs.

Nottingham programmes offered & Tuition fees for International students

Arts and Education Foundation1 year$US 2,375
Business and Management Foundation1 year$US 2,375
Engineering Foundation1 year$US 2,800
Science Foundation1 year$US 2,650
Business Economics & Finance3 years$US 11,375
Business Economics & Management3 years$US 11,375
English Language and Literature3 years$US 8,375
English with Creative Writing3 years$US 8,375
Finance, Accounting, & Management3 years$US 11,375
International Business Management3 years$US 11,375
Management Studies3 years$US 11,375
International Communication Studies3 years$US 10,500
International Communications Studies with Film & Television3 years$US 10,500
International Communications Studies with English Language and Literature3 years$US 10,500
International Communications Studies with Performing Arts3 years$US 8,375
Liberal Arts3 years$US 8,375
International Relations3 years$US 10,500
International Relations with French3 years$US 10,500
International Relations with Spanish3 years$US 10,500
Education (TESOL)3 years$US 8,375
(TESOL)3 years$US 8,375
Applied Psychology & Management Studies3 years$US 10,500
Economics3 years$US 11,350
Economics and International Economics3 years$US 11,350
Chemical Engineering3 years$US 13,875
Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering3 years$US 13,875
Civil Engineering3 years$US 13,875
Electrical & Electronic Engineering3 years$US 13,875
Mathematics and Management3 years$US 13,875
Mechanical Engineering3 years$US 13,875
Mechatronic Engineering3 years$US 13,875
Computer Science3 years$US 11,500
Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence3 years$US 11,500
Software Engineering3 years$US 11,500
Psychology3 years$US 11,500
Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience3 years$US 11,500
Nutrition3 years$US 11,500
Biotechnology3 years$US 13,250
Environmental Science3 years$US 11,500
Biomedical Sciences3 years$US 13,250
Pharmaceutical & Health Sciences3 years$US 13,250
Master of Pharmacy4 years$US 14,500
Management Psychology (MSc)1 year$US 13,400
Occupational Health and Safety Leadership (MSc)1 year$US 13,400
Organizational and Applied Psychology – Research opportunities (MPhil)1 year$US 10,475
Organizational and Applied Psychology – Research opportunities (PhD)3 years$US 10,475
Master of Business Administration (MBA)1 year$US 16,675
Finance (MBA)1 year$US 16,675
Business and Management (MSc)1 year$US 13,800
Business (PhD)3 years$US 10,475
Engineering (MPhil)1 year$US 13,275
Engineering (PhD)3 years$US 13,275
Chemical Engineering (MSc)1 year$US 14,875
Civil Engineering (MSc)1 year$US 14,875
Electronic Communications & Computer Engineering (MSc)1 year$US 14,875
Mechanical Engineering (MSc)1 year$US 14,875
Environmental Engineering (MSc)1 year$US 14,875
Pharmacy (MPhil)1 year$US 14,300
Pharmacy (PhD)3 years$US 14,300

Frequently Asked Questions About Nottingham University Malaysia


Yes they are Officially recognized by the Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi (Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia) and worldwide

Nottingham programIntakes
Bachelor degree4 January
17 May
30 August
UndergraduateBand 5.0 or 5.5 and aboveThe minimum scores of 46 and above
PostgraduateBand 6.0 and aboveTOEFL (iBT) score of 60 and above
  • PDF copy for your passport (all pages)
  • white background photo
  • High school certificate 

Yes there is on campus accommodation at Nottingham University Malaysia

There are a variety of condo , hostels , and houses near to Nottingham University Malaysia we usually arrange the accommodation for students who apply with us 

Jln Broga, 43500 Semenyih, Selangor

Registration steps at Nottingham University Malaysia

1# eligibility letter

1- The first page of the passport
2- A white background photo
Via email or WhatsApp,
WhatsApp: +60183259424 email:
complete within: 2 to 4 working days

2# Student visa process

1- All passport pages
2- High School Certificate original copy and translated version in English
3. Visa fee payment receipt
complete within: 20 to 40 working days

3# accommodation

In case you want to book accommodation through us. Send your ticket and we will offer the available rooms to you to choose the type of room you want and we will book the room for you in advance

4# airport pickup

Coordination for reception at Malaysia Airport: All foreign students who come to Malaysia on a student visa, after arriving at Malaysia airport can not get out of the airport, but you must coordinate in advance for your arrival, so that the representative of the University will go to the airport on the day of your arrival and do the necessary administrative procedures for your exit from the airport, and then take you from the airport to your destination

5# arrival

on arrival , students must pay the university fees and make and medical examination

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