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Why study in Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of the favorite study destinations for many students who want to complete their studies at a university or educational institute, as the cultural diversity and the low cost of living in it, in addition to the efficiency of higher education and the diversity of academic degrees that the student can obtain, all these advantages prompted these students to choose Malaysia to study.

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Studying English in Malaysia

There are many English language institutes in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, and the institutes vary in price and quality of education, there is excellent and good, but what is beautiful in Malaysia about the English language is that English is widely spoken and used in Malaysia for many years, to the point that it has automatically become the second language in the country. Almost every city family in Malaysia speaks English, even if it is not the first language of the house …

Malaysian Universities

Study abroad in Malaysia and you will discover that the country’s natural beauty extends far beyond its ancient rainforests, national parks and glorious beaches. In the cities too, there is much to keep all the senses occupied, from the colorful and varied souks to the mosques, Buddhist temples and Hindu shrines that are often found side by side, and the multitude of annual festivals celebrating both traditional and modern aspects of Malaysian culture.

Malaysian universities

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Free consultations

Youruni team provides students with free consultations about studying in Malaysia and helps them choose the best university or institute according to their desires and financial capabilities.

Preparing accommodation and

We know that it's better and cost saving for students to arrange accommodation before arrival, YOURUNI team sends a verity of accommodation options to students to select what suits them

University admission and visa

After the student chooses the appropriate university or institute, Youruni team submits student's documents to the selected university to complete the university admission procedures and the visa, Youruni ensures that students can get offer letter and visa within shortest time possible without any additional fees.

Airport pickup

Youruni ensures that students arrival day is smooth with having great first impression about Malaysia, so we keep following with Institute representors students-arrival and Airport pickup